One of the works of horror

Hide and Seek (2005)
One of the works of horror that is often compared with The Sixth Sense to the story of Emily, a boy who needs to lose his mother suddenly, prompts David’s father to find a way to help heal your mind. And takes you to another place For you to forget the memories of the old house However, the story was not as expected. When Emily moved into the new home. You get very weird, and very little things begin to happen all around you.
The movie leaves us with periodic clues for us to follow throughout the story. Causing the audience to be thrilled And then he used his brain all the way to find answers, and the movie broke at the end. When every knot is resolved !!

Ghost of the living (2006)
May, a young woman with a supporting role. You aim for one day to be a big celebrity, one day May takes up a job as a movie star for how to make a plan for acceptance for the police. With realistic acting, emotional and no boredom Made May satisfy the reporter’s fascination And something that may not be able to know what it is like?
Until the very end May transformed into a well-known star and was actually tapped to star in “The Ghost of the Living,” based on facts, with May being forced to play a young female protagonist with a plan of action. Various acceptance in the murder case of “Min”, the former Miss Thai who was brutally murdered, inhumane Until it was a shocking case in which Dr. Charan, her husband, including Mole, became suspects. And so you should be possessed by your ghost. Which during the shooting that You have encountered strange things even though it happened to you that you could not even be confined. As well as all the people inside the set lightly died one by one

Insidious (2010)
The work of controlling ghost films early on by today’s ghost director James Wan, the film about the story of George (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) as a spouse – a wife. Living with three children However, when the son was in a serious condition without knowing the cause. The couple sensed a paranormal activity in the backyard they lived in, and found that their son’s body was the source of the brutality. They must take every possible action to keep their son’s soul from being trapped in the land called “The Fur” forever.
Counted as the work of James’s ghost movie Yesterday, the first story that performed so well and was extremely haunting, especially in the end. It can be said that any person who likes to watch ghost movies does not look at this point. Many missed.